Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WTK QUIZ: Can You Guess The EXO Song From A Single Lyric?

This month, EXO returned with the upbeat, reggae track “Ko Ko Bop”! Since then, they’ve revealed embarrassing secrets on Knowing Bros and already snatched nearly 10 music show awards. In addition, August 5th marks the thir anniversary of EXO’s official fanclub EXO-L!

As such, we’ve decided that now is perfect time to revisit all of EXO’s music! The suggestive lyrics and fun vibe of “Ko Ko Bop” are what makes it unique. From the MAMA era to The War, the EXO members have shown many different sides of their personalities.

Are you a hardcore EXO-L? Do you love listening to these EXO songs on repeat?  Can you tell one song from another using a single phrase? Test your knowledge and see just how well you know EXO’s music!

Share your score in the comment section below, and don’t forget to tune in on August 11th for our exclusive WTK EXO Radio Party and Chat! Hope to see you all there!

Saleha (StarlightSora) is a WTK writer who hails from Northern Virginia. She’s an avid fan of VIXX, EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, B.A.P (and counting). An otaku and a gamer, when she’s not writing fanfiction for one fandom or another, she can be found binge-watching anime or playing through The Last of Us for the twentieth time. She hopes to be a published writer one day—after seeing all her faves live, of course.

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  1. I only got half right! hehe Even though I’m a huge EXO fan. But I’m on of those people that pays no attention to the lyrics translations and only listens to the feel of the music and such hehe But I still feel ashamed lolol

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