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SEVENTEEN QUIZ: Which “An Ode” Unit Song Are You?

With SEVENTEEN soon to come to the U.S for their world tour Ode to You, we have a fun quiz to prepare you for their concerts! SEVENTEEN has three units: Hip-Hop, Vocal, and Performance. Each unit is definitely talented, but which one of the units’ new songs speaks to you the most? Find out by […]Read More

K-POP QUIZ: Which Boy Group Leader Is Your Ideal Guy?

There are so many amazing boy groups in the K-pop world, which means there are many amazing leaders as well! Your own bias aside, everyone always has a soft spot for the group leader who encourages their members, keeps thing under control, and usually becomes a parent-like figure to the other people in his group. […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: How Ready Are You For EXO’s Comeback?

Are you drowning in your own tears of frustration as you wait on EXO‘s comeback? Do you crave EXOs new album as much as Kai craves chicken? Do you need their new music video just as much as Baekhyun needs more variety show appearances? Are you checking your Twitter list hourly to see if any […]Read More