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Chanyeol And Baekhyun Shine In New Teasers For EXO’s Comeback

EXO has released the newest set of individual teasers! On September 1st, the famous SMTOWN group dropped teasers for members Chanyeol and Baekhyun. They are the third set of images to be released so far. The first ones released were of Kai and Sehun, and the second set was of Xiumin and Chen. Following the […]Read More

EXO Releases Comeback Date And Album Details

Along with their surprise teaser video, EXO has revealed their comeback date and details. On August 30th, it was reported in Korea that EXO would be making their comeback on September 5th. The new album repackage will be entitled The War: The Power Of Music. It will include a total of three new tracks. The title […]Read More

WATCH: EXO Gets Ready For War In New “Power” Teaser Video

EXO has left fans reeling with their newest teaser video! On August 30th KST, the popular boy band from SMTOWN revealed a teaser entitled “POWER #RF_05.” The video has a space theme that is similar to the cartoon vibe of Version A of their recent album, The War. The video shows the members in character, […]Read More

EXO Announces Upcoming Tour For EXO PLANET #4

Following the confirmation of their September comeback and the release of their first teaser video, EXO has announced their upcoming fourth tour for EXO PLANET #4. The tour is entitled *EXO’CLIPSE and will kick off in Seoul on November 24th – 26th at the Gocheok Sky Dome. EXO currently has fans going wild with their new […]Read More

WATCH: EXO Drops “Parallel Universe” Teaser Video

EXO has released a new teaser video for their comeback! On August 28th, the famous boy band released a new teaser, entitled “Parallel Universe.” The short video shows the boys sitting around a retro-style set, playing games and reading comics. The hashtag “parallel universe,” along with a series of hints found in the video, has […]Read More

EXO’s Comeback Confirmed For September

It looks like EXO’s comeback will be sooner than fans expected! According to a new report from Naver TV, it seems likely that EXO’s comeback will be held on September 4th! This will be the repackage of their album, The War. After the reports broke, SMTOWN went on to confirm that EXO would be making their comeback in the […]Read More

K-STYLE: Get Inspired By EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Fashion

As Kpop fans, it’s inevitable that our music choices will begin to influence other areas of our lives. One of the most common ways that music influences us is with our style. With every comeback, there are great looks that we wish we could wear in real life. However, while those looks may work for […]Read More

EXO Makes History As Official Quadruple Million Seller

EXO has set another amazing record! The popular boy band from SMTOWN has officially become a quadruple million seller! On August 14th KST, Gaon Charts announced that EXO’s recent album, entitled The War, has officially sold over 1 million copies. That means the album reached this amazing number of sales within just 24 days since its release, a […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Can You Guess The EXO Song From A Single Lyric?

This month, EXO returned with the upbeat, reggae track “Ko Ko Bop”! Since then, they’ve revealed embarrassing secrets on Knowing Bros and already snatched nearly 10 music show awards. In addition, August 5th marks the thir anniversary of EXO’s official fanclub EXO-L! As such, we’ve decided that now is perfect time to revisit all of EXO’s […]Read More

WATCH: EXO Drops “The Eve” Dance Practice Version

EXO has released their dance practice for “The Eve” as a special surprise for fans! On August 4th KST, SMTOWN uploaded EXO’s dance practice for “The Eve” onto their official YouTube channel. In the classic SM dance studio, EXO showcases their takeover with well-executed choreography and ease. EXO demonstrates not only their abilities as performers, […]Read More