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QUIZ: Which “Running Man” Member Are You?

Everyone knows and loves the Korean variety show “Running Man”! The cast might have gone through some cast changes from the early days until now, but the show has remained a favorite of viewers every weekend! If you were a part of this hit show, however, which member would you be? Take our fun quiz […]Read More

K-POP QUIZ: Which K-pop Choreography Are You?

We all love the iconic choreography of groups like SNSD and Super Junior, as well groups like Everglow and BTS! From fun dance routines to sexy ones, which famous K-pop choreography best suits your personality? Take our fun quiz below to find out, then let us know your results by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1! Ceilidhmh is […]Read More

K-POP QUIZ: Which Boy Group Leader Is Your Ideal Guy?

There are so many amazing boy groups in the K-pop world, which means there are many amazing leaders as well! Your own bias aside, everyone always has a soft spot for the group leader who encourages their members, keeps thing under control, and usually becomes a parent-like figure to the other people in his group. […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: How Well Do You Really Know Super Junior?

November 6th marks Super Junior’s anniversary, and this year, the legendary boy group from SMTOWN is celebrating 13 years since their debut! Super Junior’s fans are known to be hardcore and dedicated— one of the things that has enabled the group to continue for so many years in the business. While many SJ quizzes have […]Read More