WTK QUIZ: Can You Recognize These MONSTA X Videos By A Single GIF?

MONSTA X is taking over the K-pop world these days, and we couldn’t be happier for them! The group recently announced the North America leg of their world tour, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement! We know that we’ll be there at MONSTA X’s tour. Will you? Whether or not you will be able […]Read More

10 Amazing K-pop Songs With Catchy Whistle Tunes

K-pop idols sure know how to whistle! For years past, fans of K-pop have been given songs ranging from cute and bubbly to dark and mysterious. And yet, between upbeat jams and soft ballads, lies a memorable sub-genre of its own: whistling. Dating back to the early beginnings of K-pop, artists of all kinds have […]Read More

Jonghyun’s Mother Launches “Shiny Foundation” In His Name

The foundation created in honor of Kim Jonghyun, 재단법인빛이나 (“Shiny Foundation“), has finally launched! The Shiny Foundation was initiated on October 6th, through a small opening ceremony headed by Jonghyun’s mother, Lee Eun Kyung. In her speech, Lee Eun Kyung revealed her hopes that the foundation will not only be a valuable resource for young artists going […]Read More

WATCH: Buzzfeed Brings Momoland To Universal Studios For Six Hours Of Fun

Momoland spent six hours in the dreamy world of Universal Studios! Just last week, Buzzfeed had the girls play “The BFF Test,” answering questions about each other to test the strength of their bonds. On August 30, Buzzfeed gifted fans with yet another video: “Momoland Goes To Universal Studios”! In this segment, Momoland is challenged […]Read More

WATCH: MONSTA X’s Jooheon Is Playfully Glamorous In Mixtape MV “Red Carpet”

Jooheon is back with another mixtape! MONSTA X‘s charismatic leader dropped his new five-song mixtape, titled “DWTD” (“Do What They Do”) on August 31st. “Red Carpet,” the main track, was both written and co-composed by Jooheon. The music video features Jooheon in colorful and vibrant settings, with a soothing instrumental and casual rap. DWTD is […]Read More

“Produce 48” Announces Top 12 Members To Form New Group “IZONE”

Produce 48 fans, get ready! The final results of Mnet’s latest survival show have just been announced. The group, whose name has been revealed as “IZONE,” will consist of 12 members based on the number of votes received. Without further ado, here are the contestants that made it into the group: #12: Lee Chae Yeon (WM […]Read More

WATCH: VIXX’s N Is Downright Creepy In “Last Fantasia” Performance Video

VIXX‘s leader N yet again slays the horror concept in his new performance video! Just last month, N gifted fans with a refined and artistic performance video for his birthday. On August 27, N shared yet another dance. This “Last Fantasia” performance video showcases a visually gorgeous and equally creepy dance. N’s shirt is stained […]Read More

Bang Yong Guk Leaves TS Entertainment + What The Future Looks Like For B.A.P

B.A.P‘s cherished leader Bang Yong Guk has decided not to renew his contract with their agency, thus signalling his departure from the group. On August 23, TS Entertainment released the following statement: “Bang Yong Guk, who has been with B.A.P and TS Entertainment since August 12, 2011, recently observed his contract’s end on August 19, […]Read More

WATCH: LOONA Debuts Flawlessly With Much-Anticipated “Hi High” MV

LOOΠΔ is finally here! On August 20 at 6 p.m. KST, LOONA dropped the full music video for “Hi High,” title track for their debut album “++”. The girl group, formed under Blockberry Creative, has slowly accumulated much anticipation since October 2016, with members being introduced individually and through sub-units. A few weeks ago on August […]Read More

WATCH: iKON Drops Aesthetic Performance Video For “Killing Me”

iKON has just released a performance video for their latest song, “Killing Me”! On August 20 at 11 a.m. KST, iKON fans can watch as the members dance against a static backdrop, illuminated by a single light from above. The camera zooms in and out artistically as the wall behind them slowly changes colors. The […]Read More