Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: W24 Confesses “Joahaeyo” In Cheerful Comeback MV

Korean five-piece band W24 has returned with their fourth digital single, the undeniably catchy “Joahaeyo”. 

Meaning “I like you” in Korean, the song is a bright and bubbly pop-rock song about confessing your love to someone. It was composed by bassist and youngest member, Park Jiwon. Full of addictive melodies, pleasant heartbeat rhythms, and even an emotional guitar solo, this track is instantly loveable after just one listen!

As expected from the JARMY Entertainment group, the music video is fun and eye-catching and radiates positive energy that will also make you smile.

Meanwhile, W24 has revealed plans to release a new song every month until October. 

Check out the music video below!

Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy and a lifelong lover of music with a passion for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known groups. Currently taking a break from social media, he’s freed up his time to focus on more important things like self-reflection, procrastinating and saving the world from evil robots replaying his favourite video game series Mega Man X. 

Media: JARMY Entertainment