WATCH: Y&W (Young & Wild) Is “Thirsty Now” In Enticing MV

K-Pop group Y&W (Young & Wild), consisting of members from idol groups Boys’ Republic, 14U, INX and Elvin Crew, returned on September 26th KST with their second single, “Thirsty Now.”  Encompassing what the team name describes, flaunting the members’ wild charms and boyish beauty, this impressive song is full of energy and a sexy vibe. […]Read More

LISTEN: GreatGuys’ Dongin Drops Powerful Self-Produced Track “Ambition2”

Dongin of GreatGuys has uploaded a new song on his company DNA Entertainment’s official SoundCloud on September 23rd KST. “Ambition2” is an explosive hip-hop track full of charisma. It is the second part to one of the idol’s earliest solo songs “Ambition,” which has become somewhat of a signature track for the rapper. The song was […]Read More

WATCH: UNVS Captures The Moment In “Sand Castle” MV

On September 23rd KST, CHITWNMUSIC rookie boy group UNVS returned with their third single, “Sand Castle”! The fast-tempo song combines a multitude of genres, including deep house, EDM, and pop. It utilizes popular melodies on the danceable track in the verse and chorus, heavy bass and a trap beat in the rap part, and future […]Read More

WATCH: Park Jongchan (Formerly Spectrum’s Hwarang) Produces Collaboration With Dad Park Jungkyu In “You, Me And Dream” MV

In a very touching project, Park Jongchan, formerly Hwarang of boy group SPECTRUM, helped his dad Park Jungkyu to fulfill a 30-year-old dream by releasing a song titled, “You, Me And Dream.” The song was released on September 22nd KST through the rapper’s YouTube channel where he documented the progress of the project through short […]Read More

WATCH: New Co-Ed Group CHECKMATE Makes Hard-Hitting Debut In “Drum” MV

A new co-ed K-pop group has just debuted! CHECKMATE is a five-member mixed group consisting of two girls (Sieun & Suri) and three boys (Nason, Yongseok & Noah) under Grace Company Entertainment. They released their first single album “Drum” on September 21st at 6 p.m. KST. The song has an exciting Mumbai-based EDM sound, making […]Read More

LISTEN: DUSTIN-ON Returns With “0 (Young) Part 2” Featuring Two New Tracks

Exactly one month since the DUSTIN sub-unit’s debut with “0 (Young),” JJ, Bel, and Daon are back as DUSTIN-ON “0 (Young) Part 2” on September 17th KST. The single includes two monster tracks, “You (JJ’s Theme)” and “NG (Bel’s Theme),” showcasing the members’ intrepid musical instincts and outstanding rap and vocal skills. Youngest member Daon appears […]Read More

LISTEN: K-Tigers Zero’s Na Taejoo Releases Trot Mini-Album “Life Train”

On September 15th, Na Taejoo, singer, actor, and taekwondo performer under K-Tigers E&C, released his first mini-album, Life Train.  The lead vocalist of co-ed group K-Tigers Zero gained popularity through the program “Mister Trot” where he created a genre called “Taekwondo Trot” which received a positive reception from the public. Life Train captures everything people […]Read More