LISTEN: K-Tigers Zero’s Na Taejoo Releases Trot Mini-Album “Life Train”

On September 15th, Na Taejoo, singer, actor, and taekwondo performer under K-Tigers E&C, released his first mini-album, Life Train.  The lead vocalist of co-ed group K-Tigers Zero gained popularity through the program “Mister Trot” where he created a genre called “Taekwondo Trot” which received a positive reception from the public. Life Train captures everything people […]Read More

WATCH: Kim Jeong_uk Is Still In Your “Corner” In Laid Back MV

Former 24K member turned independent solo artist, Kim Jeong_uk is back with a new track, entitled “Corner.” Just over a month after his previous release “Dream,” the rapper’s latest offering is a chill, R&B song with dreamy addictive guitar riffs and Jeong_uk’s pleasing mellow vocals. The lyrics were written by the former 24K idol, who also […]Read More

100% Member Chanyong Discharged From Military Due To Health Reasons

On September 15th, Top Media posted a statement on boy group 100%’s official fancafe, revealing that main rapper and vocalist Chanyong received a medical discharge from the military in May. According to the statement, the idol was fully determined to finish his enlistment. However, it was decided by the military that it would be too […]Read More

WATCH: Korean Rock Legends Boohwal Reminisce In “The Moment” MV

On September 11th, legendary Korean rockers Boohwal— who have been active for 35 years— released the first single off the band’s upcoming fourteenth full-length album, scheduled for release this winter.  “The Moment” is an authentic rock ballad referencing the beauty of the moment when love begins, as well as the parting of that love. The […]Read More

WATCH: Jvde Milez Gets Romantic As He Reads Your “BodySign” In Latest MV

R&B singer-songwriter Jvde Milez, who formerly promoted as Jude of boy group BIGSTAR, has released his first EP! The album MILEZAWAY was released on September 13th. The six-track album is a throwback to the R&B recordings of the 2000s and also contains contemporary sounds of the PBR&B (Alternative R&B) genre which evokes feelings of nostalgia. […]Read More

WATCH: Former Stellar Member Jeonyoul Makes Solo Debut In “Mamacita” MV

On September 12th at 12 p.m. KST, Jeonyoul from girl group Stellar released her debut solo album three years after the group’s disbandment. The album’s title track “Mamacita” is a Latin-based, dance-pop song that boasts a femme fatale charm, heralding a transformation by Jeonyoul into a charming and enchanting figure. Opening with hypnotizing pizzicato strings […]Read More

Former 100% Member Sanghoon Marries Fiancée

Some happy news from a former K-pop idol! Lee Sanghoon — who used to be the youngest member of 100% — just got married on September 5th KST.  Revealed through a post on his Instagram, the former vocalist and visual of the TOP Media boy group and his non-celebrity bride, who have been together since […]Read More

LISTEN: LU4US’ Donghyeon Wants To See You On This “Moody Night”

Donghyeon, leader and vocalist of JWK Entertainment boy group LU4US (formerly LU:KUS/L.A.U), returned with his second single “Moody Night” on September 9th KST. The song’s Korean title “단 한번 그대를 보고 싶은 밤” literally means “The Night I Want To See You Only Once.” It is a classic ballad with a sweet melody and heartfelt […]Read More