WATCH: M.O.N.T Likes Your “Shadow” In Fun And Wild MV

Following the release of last month’s Aqua Tape and member Bitsaeon’s solo release just a few days ago, the boys of M.O.N.T are back with Burgundy Tape and the title track “Shadow.” Released on August 28th at 12 p.m KST, the song continues with the jazz sound featured in the album’s first title track “Moonlight,” […]Read More

WATCH: M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon Sings To The “Moonlight” In Jazzy Solo MV

This month’s solo release from the boys of M.O.N.T puts main vocalist Bitsaeon front and center! On August 24th at 8 p.m. KST, pre-release track “Moonlight” from the group’s upcoming Burgundy Tape album was unveiled. The first attempt at the jazz genre by M.O.N.T is though Bitsaeon’s sensitive and sincere vocal performance that shines like […]Read More

LISTEN: NOIR Leader Seunghoon Tries A “New Thang” In Self-Produced Mixtape

The leader of LUK Factory’s rising boy group, NOIR, has just opened up his own personal Soundcloud account!  Shin Seunghoon, who also goes by the rap name XXIN, released his latest mixtape entitled “New Thang” on August 24th KST. The thumping hip-hop/trap-genre track is explosive and magnetising. It puts the rapper’s signature low vocal tone […]Read More

LISTEN: Kim Yejoon Is Lovesick In Emotive Second Single “Fall”

Kim Yejoon of MAXXAM Entertainment made his solo debut last month with the powerful “Love Drop” and is back with his follow-up single “Fall” on August 24th at 12 p.m KST. The song was written and co-composed by the former “Under19” and “The Voice Korea” contestant, making the R&B track stand out with the use […]Read More

WATCH: James Lee Searches For Truth In Emotional “Liar” MV

Following the release of his successful sophomore EP, Castles, singer-songwriter James Lee has dropped the heart-wrenching and emotional music video for “Liar” on August 21st at 5p.m PDT. A fusion of styles from James’ past as a bass guitarist to the music he now embodies as a producer, “Liar” is an acoustic guitar-enriched and melancholic […]Read More

WATCH: Zelo Confesses His Love In Adorable Animated “Mi Amor” MV

On August 20th at 12 p.m. KST, former B.A.P member turned successful solo artist Zelo released his first digital single! “Mi Amor” is a song with an addictive melody on top of afro beats, a musical element which is somewhat uncommon in Korea. It was written and composed by Zelo, with additional composition and arrangements […]Read More