Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Honey-G Returns With “This Is The Song” MV Starring’s Juntae

Eight-year-old luxury vocal group Honey-G are back with the pop ballad “This Is The Song.”

The song was released on June 14th and tells the story of love and separation through the group’s phenomenal harmonies and emotional lyrics. 

The music video features Kim Juntae from the boy group starring in the leading role. He portrays a man who is tired of repeating the same daily routines until one day, he falls in love and begins to write songs to confess his feelings. 

“This Is The Song” is the prelude of a two-year, long-term project entitled “MOON PROJECT.” It will follow the story of the characters presented in the music video.

Honey-G consists of three members: Bae Jaehyun, Park Jiyong, and Kwon Taehyun. They debuted in 2013.

Check out the heart-fluttering music video below!  

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Media: Mystar Entertainment