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LISTEN: K-Tigers Zero’s Na Taejoo Releases Trot Mini-Album “Life Train”

On September 15th, Na Taejoo, singer, actor, and taekwondo performer under K-Tigers E&C, released his first mini-album, Life Train.  The lead vocalist of co-ed group K-Tigers Zero gained popularity through the program “Mister Trot” where he created a genre called “Taekwondo Trot” which received a positive reception from the public. Life Train captures everything people […]Read More

7 Korean Indie And R&B Songs For A Love Playlist

Korea has a lot more music to offer than just K-pop. In fact, there are thriving genres of music such as rock, underground rap, jazz, and more. K-R&B and K-Indie might be niche genres, but they also have large fan bases of their own. With soulful rhythm and lyrics, it’s sure to capture your hearts […]Read More

2Z’s Hyunwoong Departs From Group Due To Musical Differences

Rookie idol band 2Z, who debuted on January 14th, 2020, bid farewell to their main rapper Hyunwoong on June 17th. Through a statement posted on the group’s official Instagram by their company GOGO2020, it was revealed there were too many differences in the rock genre of 2Z from the music Hyunwoong wished to pursue. After […]Read More

WATCH: W24 Confesses “Joahaeyo” In Cheerful Comeback MV

Korean five-piece band W24 has returned with their fourth digital single, the undeniably catchy “Joahaeyo”.  Meaning “I like you” in Korean, the song is a bright and bubbly pop-rock song about confessing your love to someone. It was composed by bassist and youngest member, Park Jiwon. Full of addictive melodies, pleasant heartbeat rhythms, and even […]Read More

LISTEN: JUNGSU Feels Pushed “Off A Cliff” In Emotional New Release

Up-and-coming singer JUNGSU has released his new single! On April 27th KST, JUNGSU released his new single “Off A Cliff.” The new release expresses the extreme distress of being shut down by a close friend or romantic partner. This emotion of isolation and vulnerability is symbolized by being pushed “off a cliff” and the feeling […]Read More

WATCH: NIve And Sam Kim Confess They Love “Like A Fool” In New MV

NIve and Sam Kim have collaborated for a new trend! On April 2nd KST, the two talented singer released the music video for “Like A Fool.” The soft song starts off with acoustic guitar before an R&B-style beat begins to give the track a steady, yet gentle rhythm. With the gorgeous vocals of both singers, […]Read More