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WATCH: NCT WISH Cooks Up Magic In “Songbird” MVs


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Four months after their debut as NCT‘s newest unit — Japanese boy group NCT WISH returned with their second single “Songbird” in Japanese and Korean on June 25th at midnight JST and July 1st at 6 p.m. KST, respectively.

The title track is a pop dance song with a captivating and addictive guitar riff. The group’s cool vocals and refreshing charms deliver the hopeful lyrical message that by soaring together we can achieve miracles. The symbolism is based on the motif of a bird bringing good fortune.

The original lyrics for the Japanese version of “Songbird” were penned by lyricist h.toyosaki while Kang Eun Jeong wrote the Korean lyrics. Additionally, the song was composed by HONEY NOISE, Brown Panda, Jacob Aaron, and Frankie Day.

NCT WISH released two separate music videos for each of the versions of the track, one week apart. The refreshing music videos contain different scenes from within the same story, expanding this comeback to a full storytelling experience.

Along with the title song, the second single also contains the B-Side track “Tears Are Falling” in both languages with the Korean version even getting its own special video.

Check out the MVs for Songbird in Japanese and Korean below!

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