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WATCH: STAYC Is Cool And Carefree In “Cheeky Icy Thang” MV

STAYC is back with their first full album Metamorphic on July 1st at 6 p.m. KST!

The title track “Cheeky Icy Thang” is a synth-pop song with a funky shuffle rhythm which captures the group’s dual charms of being both hot and quirky or cool as ice.

The song was composed by STAYC’s representative producers Black Eyed Pilseung (B.E.P) and FLYT, with the latter duo also writing lyrics alongside ILLSON, on2pop, Jeong Ha Ri (153/joombas), Jung Na Gyeong (153/joombas), and Jiggy (153/joombas).

In the “Cheeky Icy Thang” music video, STAYC’s strong and confident image is on full display. The six members embody the attitude of the song’s concept of turning every path into your own runway.

Metamorphic is the group’s first full-length album since their debut four years ago. It contains a diverse range of genres in STAYC’s style including Crunk&B, UK garage, chill, and minimal music, as well as more traditional styles like rock and pop.

The record also features solo and unit tracks that highlight each member’s musical prowess. Additionally, the entire group solely penned the lyrics to their fan song, “Stay WITH me.”

Check out the “Cheeky Icy Thang” music video below!

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