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WATCH: ALL(H)OURS Charges To The Highest Intensity In “SHOCK” MV

Rookie boy group ALL(H)OURS made an electrifying comeback with their second mini-album WITNESS on July 2nd at 6 p.m. KST!

The title track “SHOCK” is a K-pop reinterpretation of drift phonk, a genre that has recently gained traction in the EDM club scene. Right off the bat, the song resonates intensely with a fuzzy cowbell synth lead and overflowing groovy bass sound, while intentionally distorting the entire track’s frequency to the extreme. These elements express the rough energy of underground EDM, by reflecting the unique dystopian mixing style characteristic of the original drift phonk.

The song is the collaborative work of wave to earth‘s Daniel Kim, who wrote and composed the track, and songwriter Kuzzi who penned the lyrics. Additionally, producers Vincenzo and Alex Karlsson also worked on the composition.

In the “SHOCK” music video, ALL(H)OURS unconventional performance shines. Armed with all-black outfits, the members radiate dark charisma and present fast-paced choreography. The eye-catching visuals and bold stylistic choice perfectly match the song’s ferocity and groundbreaking nature.

WITNESS contains five tracks of various genres as album opener “WITNESS” continues to explore the distorted synth sound production — this time centered on intense drum and bass. Conversely, the closing song “Blah Blah” is 1990/2000s style hip-hop with lyrics written by ALL(H)OURS.

Check out the electrifying “SHOCK” MV below!

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