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WTK REVIEW: Why “Tomorrow With You” Is A K-Drama Worth Watching

A few short weeks ago, the tvN drama “Tomorrow With You” came to an end after 16 episodes. While there were other dramas airing at the same time that made this one easy to overlook, “Tomorrow With You” still makes for a solid K-drama that is worth watching!

This series was just one of the latest to feature the recent trend of time travel adventures. While this is not one of my favorite plots, the female lead made it too good to pass by! We have all been waiting for her return since “Oh My Venus” in early 2016.

Shin Min Ah is Korea’s Audrey Hepburn— a timeless beauty who steals the scene from all of her co-stars. The male lead in this romance adventure, played by actor Lee Je Hoon, just wasn’t quite able to match her skills onscreen. When Min Ah flashes her adorable dimples, most men would melt, but Je Hoon plays the role of her love interest with little emotion.

The story finds Je Hoon playing the role of So Joon— the typical spoiled, pleasure seeker always looking for another adventure and completely disinterested in the daily workings of his real estate business. The twist? He is able to travel into the future through a portal in the Seoul subway system. Min Ah sweetly plays Ma Rin— a former child actress fighting to gain respect as a photographer and working to overcome the rejection of having been deserted by her father when she was very young.

The drama throws these characters together in a twist of fate, and we watch as Ma Rin gives her all to the selfish So Joon. He takes her love for granted until it is almost too late! Their love grows a little with each episode, and you find yourself really hoping that together they can overcome their destiny and fate in life.“Tomorrow With You” thankfully spares us one of Kdrama’s most cliché characters— there is no overbearing mother-in-law who plots and bribes to end true love. We do, however, have the second lead who has loved So Joon from afar since childhood.

Although this drama did not live up to everyone’s high expectations, it is still a good, easy view and carries us along the bumpy road of finding true love in the world of Kdramas. Shin Min Ah is always great and easy to cheer for and plays this role with ease. And although you watch the first 14 episodes thinking that Ma Rin could have done so much better in finding a match, So Joon finally finds his way to deserving her adoration! The path to happiness is never easily traveled, but you will enjoy going along on this journey!

Personally, I give “Tomorrow With You” 3.5 finger hearts out of 5! Until next time, happy viewing!

Check out the trailer for the drama below, or click HERE to watch it on Dramafever.

DramaElf is a dedicated lover of K-dramas. Not a night goes by without finding her in front of her Kindle, eagerly watching the newest drama. She is a particular fan of Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah. Although dramas are her biggest fascination, she is also a fan of Kpop and particularly loves Super Junior and SISTAR. She also loves SNSD and Red Velvet. Despite being a mom of two and grams of three, she can still fangirl with the best of them when it comes to her ultimate bias, Leeteuk.

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2 thoughts on “WTK REVIEW: Why “Tomorrow With You” Is A K-Drama Worth Watching”
  1. I totally agree! It was a little slow to get started but I loved the ending. He definitely proved himself worthy in the end <3

  2. The guys I know think Shin Min Ah is pretty but the girls I know don’t think so. I think she generally appeals more to men. She really doesn’t enchant me, and it’s not female jealousy, there are plenty of actresses I think are beautiful or pretty. Now Lee Je Hoon was a good watch in Signal and I could want to watch him again.

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