BLACKPINK Is Stunning And Chic On Cover Of U.S. Magazine ELLE

For the first time ever, a K-pop girl group has been featured on the cover of a U.S. national lifestyle magazine. World renowned ELLE magazine has given BLACKPINK this honor in their upcoming October edition. As fans know, TWICE‘s Jihyo was featured on the cover of Allure print magazine earlier this year, while GOT7’s JB […]Read More

THROWBACK REVIEW: Is “Cold Eyes” One Of Korea’s Great Action Films?

“Cold Eyes” is a 2013 action movie centered around a special unit of the Korean Police Special Crimes Department. This group of highly trained officers seek to capture the most wanted, high profile criminals. Each officer brings their own talent to the unit as they work together as a well-oiled machine. The art of true […]Read More

WATCH: BTS’ Suga Features In New “Blueberry Eyes” Release By MAX

BTS‘ Suga is featured in the new release by American singer MAX! The video for the track was released on September 15th and immediately became a trending topic online! The video itself stars MAX and his lovely wife, Emily, as they go about their day in a colorful, fun video. Meanwhile, Suga’s voice complements perfectly […]Read More

5 Reasons Why Ailee Will Always Be The Queen

Most performers reach a peak in their success, holding the top spot for a couple of years before being replaced by a new group or singer that comes along and takes their place as the newest, best singer. This is definitely not the case for Ailee who— in this author’s opinion— remains the single best […]Read More

WTK REVIEW: Why “Room No. 9” Is A K-Drama Everyone Should Watch

“Room No. 9” has finally come to a conclusion, and what a ride it has been! This compelling drama of legal corruption and personal greed is full of the standard K-drama plots, but it is still enjoyable all the way to the end! The main character, Jang Hwasa, is played by Kim Hae Sook (“Judge vs. […]Read More

WATCH: iKON Bids Goodbye To Love With “Goodbye Road” Comeback MV

On a roll with their third release of the year, iKON has released their anticipated new album,  “New Kids: The Final” . The title track, “Goodbye Road,” is a great fall song, with a soothing orchestra arrangement and acoustic guitar. The music matches the melancholy mood of the sad story of the end of a broken […]Read More