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WTK REVIEW: Bang Yongguk Shakes Up The Stage With “3” EP

The King is back!

On his birthday, March 31st KST, Bang Yongguk gifted fans with his third EP titled 3! YY Entertainment‘s cryptic teasers on social media fueled anticipation for this release with a showcase of vibrant yet edgy visuals that perfectly represents Yongguk’s signature style.

EP Overview:

Comprising five tracks including a clean version of “IXLU,” 3 offers a diverse sonic experience that showcases Yongguk’s versatility as an artist.

Yongguk worked with his friends COUP D’ ETAT, Samuel Ku, COE, Youha, Rico Greene, Ronnie Icon, and more to create lyrics, arrangements, and compositions for his songs. As an extra treat to the fans and a testament to his passion for creating art, Yongguk made and released a music video for each of the tracks.

Music Videos


EDM dance and synth beats aren’t the usual style of Yongguk’s music. But with a video shot in a dimmed room and chaotic dancing, the energy he brings still exudes a melancholic contrast. Seeing him perform the full choreography is refreshing and unexpected, shaking away the endearing fan-given “grandpa” nickname.

BAD (feat. Youha)

A lovesick Yongguk is shown surrounded by pastel backgrounds and fabrics with Youha depicted as his love interest. She is seen only on the computer, through a screen during a video chat. His world is filled with color while her background is mainly dim, gray, and neutral colors. The music consists of the plucking, staccato beat of an electric guitar, and a standard hip-hop backing track.


Yongguk plays a man who looks like he has simultaneously been stood up for a date and is dressed for a funeral. It’s an artful way to convey he is mourning the love he lost yet the tempo provides a contradicting vibe with its slightly quick tempo driven by the drums and cymbal taps.


The music video is gloomy with a soft rock vibe as Yongguk wears a tattered shirt reminiscent of a spider web as he carelessly waves a withered bouquet of red wild roses. The track is quick with a driving drum beat yet the lyrics allude to a painful experience about breaking up with a lover.


Preacher Bang is in the House! He raps amidst a backdrop of static black-and-white shots, punctuated by unexpected flashes of color that add a captivating contrast. The aesthetic choices create a visually striking experience, enhanced by the backdrop of a gothic church.

3 Full Video

Ever the generous artist, Yongguk offers a behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the making of the music videos and spotlights the collaborative effort behind the visual spectacle. This gesture exemplifies Yongguk’s appreciation for his team’s contributions!


Bang Yongguk’s EP 3 and its accompanying music videos offer a multifaceted exploration of emotion and artistry. With each track and visual narrative, Yongguk invites listeners and viewers into his world, weaving a tapestry of sound and imagery that resonates long after the final note fades. This release reaffirms Yongguk’s status as a visionary artist and leaves fans eagerly anticipating his next creative endeavor!

“I would like to first say thank you to all my fans who gave me a lot of inspiration when I started working on the new album after concluding the world tour. I worked on this album with great joy, and I hope you’re able to resonate with that emotion while listening to this album. Please continue sending your support and love, thank you.”

Bang Yongguk

Bang Yongguk III The US Tour 2024

Yongguk is currently in the middle of his 2024 US Tour! He has already performed in Brooklyn, Louisville, Chicago, Orlando, and Dallas. The remaining stops are Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles. You can purchase tickets for the concert here and Meet & Greet tickets, available as a separate purchase, here!

“The biggest goal of going on a tour is sharing my music, indeed, but I also feel like I embark on the tour every year for new challenges. I learned and felt so many things by meeting my fans during my last tour, and I look forward to learning even more new things during this tour as well. Thank you.”

Bang Yongguk

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