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WATCH: “Life Goes On” With BTS In Newest MV Release

BTS is out with their latest title track “Life Goes On” for this winter! Without a doubt, as a highly anticipated MV, “Life Goes On” has brought new and old fans back together. The recently released title track has much to offer given the meaningful lyrics that speak volumes about coming back to the present […]Read More

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WATCH: Lee Kikwang Releases “Nothing” As Farewell MV

HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Kikwang has released a new solo MV! Lee Kikwang recently enlisted in the army and bid farewell with a final MV. “Nothing” gives off a calm atmosphere, suiting the member’s aura and poise. “Nothing” is part of his latest digital single, 웃으며 인사해. Check out the new MV now below! Media: Around Us […]Read More

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WATCH: GreatGuys Go “DANG!” In New Comeback MV

GreatGuys is back! On April 12th, GreatGuys released their music video for “DANG!” for their 2019 comeback. With artistic appeal and graphics, their new song will attract more fans once again. “DANG!” is the title track for the group’s 3rd digital single album, TRIGGER. Check out their new music video now below! Media: DNA EntertainmentRead More