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WATCH: &TEAM Blooms Into A New Beginning In “Samidare” MV

HYBE‘s resident Japanese boy group &TEAM kicks off a new four-part series based on the four seasons!

The first single album Samidare and the music video for the title track of the same name was released on May 8th at midnight JST.

“Samidare” is an emotional pop genre song, with poetic lyrics that reflect the atmosphere of spring and the changing seasons through a melancholic yet hopeful melody. The track was produced by “hitman” Bang, SOMA GENDA, and Slow Rabbit, who have all worked with &TEAM since their 2022 debut.

An impressive array of global artists are credited on the song including Japanese singer-songwriter Ohashi Chippoke, vocalist/guitarist of K-Indie rock bands wave to earth and The PolesDaniel Kim, writer/composer of team Decade+SamUIL, songwriter Young Chance and rapper ChaMane.

Additionally, GALACTIKA * producer and former BIGSTAR member Jvde, Swedish hitmakers Ollipop and Gabriel Brandes, Scottish singer-songwriter KOOLKID (Ryan Lawrie), and London-based K-pop songwriter Kyler Niko all worked on the track.

Particularly noteworthy is the choreography for “Samidare” seen in the music video, which sees &TEAM showcase a delicate and expressive dance performance. It mirrors the song’s emotional storyline of navigating between conflict and bonding in the same way the seasons change.

Check out the wondrous “Samidare” MV below!

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