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WATCH: SHINee’s Taemin Takes His Own “Advice” In Grand MV


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Taemin‘s back!  

The SHINee member returned with his third mini-album, entitled Advice, and a title track of the same name on May 18th at 6 p.m. KST.

“Advice” is an R&B song that combines piano melodies played in a minor chord and choirs performing over trap beats. Taemin’s sharp singing-rap, which conveys cynical emotions, further upgrades the song’s dark charisma and irresistible charm. 

The lyrics contain a warning to those who are obsessed with stereotypes and judge their opponents. It was written by K-pop lyricist Jo Yoonkyung, a songwriter who has worked with SMTOWN artists for decades and provided material to numerous K-pop groups. 

Meanwhile, the track’s composition is the work of award-winning international producers and composers Mich Hansen, David Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Lucas Secon, and Wayne Hector, all of whom have collectively worked with both the “who’s who” of the western pop world and the heavy-hitters in K-pop. 

Advice contains a total of five tracks, including “If I Could Tell You,” a duet with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon which highlights the duo’s perfect vocal harmony. “Light” is a pop dance number created by well-known production team Moonshine; “Strings” is an R&B song lead by arpeggio guitar riffs and Taemin’s sensuous vocal performance. Meanwhile, Taemin closes his EP with “Sad Kids,” an extension of Taemin’s track “2 KIDS” which wrapped up his 2020 album entitled Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1.

SHINee’s youngest member recently completed his “Beyond Live” solo concert “N.G.D.A (Never Gonna Dance Again)” and is set to release more music in Japan before beginning his mandatory military service on May 31st KST. 

Watch the MV for “Advice” below!

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