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WATCH: LUCY Takes A Moment To “Play” In Sentimental MV


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On August 17th at 6 p.m. KST, LUCY released their first full-length album, CHILDHOOD, along with the nostalgia-evoking title track, “Play.”

It was written by the quartet’s bassist and resident producer Wonsang with singer-songwriter Eunsong. The former also extended his producing hand to compose and arrange the song with producer O.YEON and musician Choi Younghun.

The track expresses a desire to see boring daily life from a different perspective as it recalls the freedom of childhood when anything could be enjoyed like a game. CHILDHOOD is packed with a whopping 15 tracks, all of which convey healing energy while at the same time not being limited to or defined by any one genre. 

Watch the “Play” MV below!

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