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WATCH: Jang Woo Hyuk Gets Thrown In “HE (Don’t Wanna Be Alone)” MV

On September 7th, exactly 24 years since his debut as main dancer and rapper of one of most influential K-Pop groups of the 90’s: H.O.TJang Woo Hyuk has made his solo comeback with the riveting “HE (Don’t Wanna Be Alone).” 

A pop/R&B genre song that expresses empty post-break up feelings, the dreamy arrangement and loose groove go well together with the harmony of Woo Hyuk’s semi-mumble rap and emotional melody.

The performance combines retro and trendy hip-hop elements and focuses on sounds and emotional expressions to give off different vibes throughout the track.

Woo Hyuk participated in the writing and composing of the track under his DJ name XXXV, a new musical venture he pursued in 2011, and was also the creative director for this project. Also contributing to the lyrics was rapper Mac Kidd who also worked on the composition alongside producer Edgar Vargas and American rapper 24KGoldn.

The music video for the song is an homage to H.O.T.’s signature song “Light,” released in 1998, agency WH Creative explaining that Woo Hyuk in the “Light” MV was full of anger toward the world, whereas his persona in “HE (Don’t Wanna Be Alone)” is one of loneliness and emptiness.

The title track comes off a new album of the same name which also features the song “WEEKAND” released by the veteran idol last year. The album will be released not only in CD format but also in vinyl and cassette tape versions, as a special throwback to the ways a generation of fans who grew up with H.O.T consumed their music.

Jang debuted in 1996 in SM Entertainment‘s first ever K-Pop group and by the early 2000s, the team had built a huge fandom through a number of hits and have been credited as one of the pioneers of the genre. H.O.T disbanded in 2001 but reunited in 2018 to hold a solo concert.

Woohyuk worked with members Tony An and Lee Jaewon in the group jtL after the team’s breakup. He made his solo debut in 2005 under current company WH Creative and since then has continued to release music as a soloist.

Watch the video below!

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