Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

D-CRUNCH To Temporarily Promote As 8 Members While Hyunwoo Recovers From Back Pain

On September 7th KST, agency AI Grand Korea shared news regarding member Hyunwoo of hip-hop boy group D-CRUNCH.

The statement informed fans that due to long-standing back pain which the vocalist has experienced since debut, he will be absent from all upcoming schedules to fully focus on treatment and recovery. This means that he will be sitting out of promotions for their new mini-album which will be released later this year.

Although the injury is not serious, the decision to temporarily suspend promotions was made after long discussions. They took into his doctor’s opinion into serious consideration after it was advised that excessive activities should be avoided.

Hyunwoo posted a handwritten letter on the group’s official fancafe to tell fans about his injury. He relayed that if he were to insist on continuing with promotions despite his injury, he would only cause worry for the members as well as the fans. He apologised for having to make this decision but emphasized his determination to get better so he can return healthily and meet fans again.

D-CRUNCH released a project single “Pierrot” back in May after moving to a new company, revealing a more mature image at the same time.

Meanwhile, the team will reorganise into an eight-member group for the highly anticipated comeback in the later half of the year.

We wish Hyunwoo a complete and speedy recovery! We hope to see him return to the group soon!

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Media: AI Grand Korea
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