Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: HA:TFELT Shines In “Summertime” MV Featuring Keem Hyoeun

10 months after the release of single “La Luna,” singer-songwriter HA:TFELT unveiled her latest track, “Summertime,” on June 14th at 6 p.m. KST.

Written and composed by HA:TFELT herself, the song is a tropical dance track that recalls the special nights of summer. Rapper Keem Hyoeun of Ambition Musik appears as a featured artist, contrasting HA:TFELT’s light vocals with his thick, charismatic rap tone. 

The music video showcases alluring charms from the former Wonder Girls member, while the exciting choreography expresses the vibe of getting together with friends and dancing at a party on a hot summer night. It was directed by talented creators ILLUMIN and rapper SokoDomo (who directs under the name “GimSookHee8000”), who both have worked with countless big stars within K-pop and K-hip-hop. 

Following her solo debut in 2014, HA:TFELT has received praise for her diversity as an artist by transitioning between various genres and concepts with each release. “Summertime” continues this trend of showing yet another new side to the singer, further establishing her as one of Korea’s top female soloists.

Watch the tantalizing MV below!

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