WATCH: HA:TFELT Bathes In The Mystery Of Moonlight In “La Luna” MV

 WATCH: HA:TFELT Bathes In The Mystery Of Moonlight In “La Luna” MV

On September 10th KST, HA:TFELT (formerly Wonder GirlsYeeun) unveiled her fourth digital single, “La Luna.”

The lyrics were written by the singer herself while James Birt, Katy Tiz, Rick Parkhouse, George Tizzard, and Ryan S. Jhun composed the track. Red Triangle and Ryan S. Jhun took charge of arrangement.

Its music video follows HA:TFELT as she runs away with a mysterious rabbit, going on adventures as the moon hangs overhead.

The singer released her first full studio album, called 1719, this April. It was explained that the title represented the serious transitions in her life. She soon introduced several music videos off that very personal collection: Sweet Sensations, Satellite, Solitude, Life Sucks, and Cigar.

According to HA:TFELT, she poured both her pain and strength into the songs for three years while making the album and reassured fans that she has a much better grip on things now.

We wish HA:TFELT the very best and we hope the future holds many wonderful things for her!

Watch the music video here!

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