Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The official trailer for the world’s first 8K ultra HD musical film “K-School” is out!

The show stars a cast of K-pop idols that includes WJSN’s Dawon, GreatGuysUiyeon and Baekgyeol, and former APRIL member Yena. It also has Kim Youngmin of 90s K-pop boy group Taesaja and former Queen B’Z member Gu Seuli.

Written by award-winning writer Park Mikyung, whose company (Kang Contents) also produced the film, it depicts the dreams, love, and friendships of millennial students at an elite fashion school.

“K-School” is part of a project by the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) that supports the production of ultra-HD content. Filming took place at the prestigious Seokyeong University for a majority of the scenes and real students and professors from the performing arts department appear onscreen. Meanwhile, fashion majors from the school worked on making their costumes.

The movie-musical has been selected for the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF), a large film festival in its sixth year that includes over 50 movies from all over the world. TINFF showcases innovative original content that celebrates diversity.

The film is nominated for 11 awards at the festival including “Best Foreign Language Film,” “Best Comedy – Drama,” “Best Musical Theme Film,” “Best Asian Film,” and “Best International Film.” In addition, director Park Mikyung scored nominations for “Best Movie Director” and “Best International Female Filmmaker.”

What’s more, cast members Baekgyeol, Dawon, Uiyeon, and Yena have all earned themselves nominations in the “Best Actor/Actress” and “Best Supporting Actor/Actress” categories, respectively.

The director and cast have been invited to attend TINFF and will reportedly walk the red carpet in Toronto on October 23rd – 29th. Congratulations to “K-School” for this achievement. Watch the official trailer here!

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Justin is an Aussie K-pop fan who is passionate about shining a light on underrated and lesser-known groups and artists. A lover of all types of music, a dedicated scripted tv show + soap opera fan, and a casual gamer.

MEDIA: Kang Contents