Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

VIXX’s Ravi Shows Chic Confidence In 1st Look Pictorial


Ravi shows off a cool image in his latest pictorial!

The VIXX member has been active in different fields these days, busy juggling entertainment activities and running his own hip-hop label.

Ravi took some time to show off his model-like poses with a black-and-white themed photoshoot with a fashion magazine for 1st Look magazine. He completed the sensuous pictorial by infusing it with his own charm.

In the interview with 1st Look, Ravi expressed his perspective about being fashionable. He stated, “It’s just me, whatever the look is. In the end, I only get on stage doing music. I don’t want to dress up, so I just try to look like myself as much as I can.”

Meanwhile, Ravi can be seen in variety shows like “Lose If You’re Envious” and “2 Days and 1 Night.”

Check out 1st Look’s official SNS accounts for more of Ravi’s sensuous pictorials and digital videos!

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MEDIA: 1st Look Magazine


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