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VIXX’s Ravi Shows Chic Confidence In 1st Look Pictorial

Ravi shows off a cool image in his latest pictorial! The VIXX member has been active in different fields these days, busy juggling entertainment activities and running his own hip-hop label. Ravi took some time to show off his model-like poses with a black-and-white themed photoshoot with a fashion magazine for 1st Look magazine. He […]Read More

INTERVIEW: An In-Depth Chat With The Charming Amber Liu

Last night, What The Kpop was able to chat with popular K-pop idol Amber Liu of f(x). In the roundtable style interview with two other news outlets besides What The Kpop, the friendly idol took her time to answer questions in a detailed manner, paying attention to the questions and making an effort to put […]Read More

EXO’s Kai Chosen As The Sexiest Man In Korea For 2018

As EXO-L are enjoying EXO‘s long-awaited comeback, more good news has come in the form of member Kai being voted as the Sexiest Man in Korea for the year 2018. In an online poll for “Sexiest Man Korea 2018,” Kai got first place with 19.89% of the votes among the ten final nominees. He was […]Read More

Super Junior Reveals Official Light Stick Name

After finally getting an official light stick in 2017, Super Junior has announced it also has an official name! In a video released for their 13th anniversary, Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk announced about the light stick name. They revealed the sapphire blue light stick will be named the “Super Wand” (or “Super Bong” in Korean). ELF, […]Read More

TS Entertainment Reveals B.A.P Member In Question Is Himchan

UPDATE: What Exactly Is B.A.P’s Himchan Being Charged With? Click here to read. B.A.P‘s Himchan has been accused of indecent assault. After it was revealed earlier today that a B.A.P member had been accused of indecent assault*, the police have decided to forward his case to prosecution. The B.A.P member was reportedly on vacation in early […]Read More

10 Achievements BTS Snatched After The Release Of “IDOL”

BTS‘s newest title track, “IDOL,” has grabbed so much attention and love within 24 hours of release. As part of Love Yourself: Answer, “IDOL” will really show you what kind of group BTS is and the amazing fandom they have, as well as the immense hard work they’ve done to get where they are now. So- let’s […]Read More

WATCH: BTS Goes Retro In Comeback MV For “IDOL”

BTS has officially released their new MV! On August 24th, BTS dropped their latest comeback MV for “IDOL,” which is garnering views like rapid fire. After dropping four sets of teaser photos and their most viewed teaser video, as well as news of Nicki Minaj collaborating in one of their Love Yourself: Answer tracks, their […]Read More

BTS Releases Expansive Tracklist For “Love Yourself: Answer”

BTS has just dropped the tracklist for their upcoming repackage album, “Love Yourself: Answer”! The tracklist consists of an A-side and a B-side. The A-side includes several new songs, as well as the quaternity tracks, “Euphoria,” “Serendipity” (a new full length edition), “Epiphany,” and the unreleased “Answer.”  The song titled “IDOL” appears to be the title […]Read More