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WATCH: Apink’s Namjoo, VIXX’s Ravi, and VICTON’s Seungsik Infuse New Flavor Into “Summer Memories” Project Track

The fourth remake for “Fever Music COOL Summer Project” has been revealed! Apink‘s Namjoo, VIXX‘s Ravi, and VICTON‘s Seungsik dropped their collaboration track called “Summer Memories” on August 14th at 6 p.m. KST. This rework is part of NCSOFT‘s special project which pays tribute to COOL, a co-ed group that debuted in 1994, by inviting […]Read More

VIXX’s Ravi Shows Chic Confidence In 1st Look Pictorial

Ravi shows off a cool image in his latest pictorial! The VIXX member has been active in different fields these days, busy juggling entertainment activities and running his own hip-hop label. Ravi took some time to show off his model-like poses with a black-and-white themed photoshoot with a fashion magazine for 1st Look magazine. He […]Read More

Ravi And Ailee Announce Upcoming Collaboration

Exciting news from Korea’s music world. Ravi and Ailee will soon be releasing a special collboration! On April 19th KST, the two singers revealed on their social media accounts that they would be releasing a collaboration together April 28th at 6 p.m. KST. In addition, they also released pictures of themselves together, with Ailee looking […]Read More

VIXX’s Ravi Is Sleek And Chic In Gorgeous Photoshoot For GQ Magazine

VIXX‘s Ravi is the star of a new photoshoot for GQ magazine Korea! In the new March issue of the magazine, Ravi is seen looking chic and sleek in a modern wardrobe of gold and black. Looking effortlessly stylish, Ravi shows off coordinated outfits with one fitted item of clothing paired with a looser item […]Read More

WATCH: VIXX’s Ravi Is A Showstopper In “Rockstar” MV With Paloalto

On February 24th at 6 p.m. KST, VIXX‘s Ravi released his first solo album as well as a music video for his title track, “Rockstar” featuring Paloalto! Co-written, co-composed, and co-arranged by the artist himself, the song exudes a cool rejection of criticism as well as a passionate drive to succeed. El Dorado is marked […]Read More