Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

MAMAMOO Releases MVs For Their Group’s New Sub-Units

Talented girl group MAMAMOO has split into sub-units and released MVs for both groups.

One unit is formed of the vocal line of Solar and Wheein. The song is entitled “Angel” and talks about hidden feelings and not really being an angel inside. The video was filmed at the group’s concert and features a dramatic sound with strong, clear vocals.

The other unit is formed of the rapper line, Hwasa and Moonbyul. “DAB DAB” is an upbeat track with a 1930’s inspired sound. The song starts off with a jazz piano track, with the verse continuing with a strong rap over the sound of the piano. It makes for a unique combination and really comes together when the chorus begins with it’s bright, jazzy chorus.

It is not common for sub-units of the same group to release tracks at the same time. The members discussed the unusual situation on a live broadcast on their V app channel. To encourage some friendly competition between the two sub-units, they decided to see whose song will rank higher on the charts. Whoever comes in second place will have a punishment of eating a full dish of spicy tonkatsu (deep fried pork).

Check out the videos for the two tracks below. Do you like the songs? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Media: CJ E&M

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