Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

INFINITE Releases Mysterious Teaser Video For Their 2016 Comeback

Woolim Entertainment has released a video teaser for INFINITE‘s 2016 comeback.

The teaser starts off with mysterious, black and white images. It shows a myriad of photos and drawings on a wall, reminiscent of puzzle-solving, crime shows like “Sherlock.” We then see the members peeking through a window with only their eyes visible, looking as though they are either searching for someone or hiding from someone.

Some fans have noticed the similarity of the setting and props to INFINITE’s Japanese MV “D.N.A.” The music video was released as part of a special album last month. In one of the scenes, it shows a member standing in front of a wall full of pictures and drawings. The mysterious scene is very similar to the teaser for INFINITE’s upcoming MV and fans are wondering if the two videos will somehow be connected.

The song will be released on September 19th and will be the group’s first Korean comeback in over a year!

Check out the teaser below! Are you excited for INFINITE’s long-awaited comeback?

Media: Woolim Entertainment

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