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GOT7’s Jackson Injured In A Car Accident Due To Sasaengs


September 1, 2016 , , ,

On September 1st, GOT7‘s Jackson was injured in a car accident due to the behavior of a sasaeng.

The singer was traveling without the other members from Xiamen to Japan for the JYP Nation concert. Upon arrival at the airport to catch his flight, the singer was spotted  in pain, holding his back and having to be assisted by a staff member. It was reported that he had been chased by an over-zealous fan on the way to the airport, who then crashed into the back of his car, causing him to be injured.

JYP later released a statement, confirming the details and begging fans to please stop chasing celebrities’ cars. “Many times, the company has asked everyone not to do car chasing, this is because we do not want to see such a case like today happen. There is a huge safety in car chasing, if a serious traffic accident happens, it is not just the artist, but also causes losses that we could not stop for anyone. We really do not want anyone getting hurt by car chasing.”

They also said they were taking the injury seriously and that they had already arranged their staff who would be taking care of Jackson right now, to take him to the hospital and get a full checkup from the doctor. They promise to let fans know more details once the doctor reports on the full problem.

JYP concluded their statement with the important reminder, “So, we once again request everyone, to safeguard and others’ safety in the future, and to express love and support to artist without crossing the line of public order, to avoid any risk-taking behavior at all costs.”

We hope Jackson is not injured too badly and will heal quickly with no lasting problems from the injury to thus back. Get well soon, Jackson!

Media:VV-NVE via FluffyWangs

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