Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

LISTEN: Sooyoon Is Trapped In New Digital Single “Dreams”

Singer-songwriter Sooyoon is back after almost a year with his new single “Dreams” on August 5th KST.

The song combines acoustic guitar, drums and electric guitar with powerful distortion to create a dreamy atmosphere. It sings about one’s longing for faces that you can’t see again, past loves, and childhood memories, that exist in your dreams. It was written, composed and produced by Sooyoon who also played every instrument included in the track.

The former Royal Pirates drummer is currently the vocalist and guitarist of band LIVIN alongside RP bandmate Moon and a few of their friends. The five-piece released their self-produced first single “Next To You” back in July. 

Members of the band are all prominent K-pop producers and songwriters who have composed and written songs both individually and collaboratively, for some of today’s most popular K-pop artists. Sooyoon himself has written and composed songs for groups HIGHLIGHT and WE and wrote the lyrics to “Produce 101 Japan” final song, “One.” 

Sooyoon plans to produce an album focusing more on the band/rock genre that is most familiar to him, based on his musical background and experience. “Dreams” is the first single to mark its beginning.

Listen to it below!

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