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WATCH: FYKE Drops New “THE EDGE” MV Featuring James Lee

FYKE has released a new song and video! On July 25th at midnight EST, the California-based band dropped the video for “THE EDGE.” The song features artist James Lee, former member of Royal Pirates and current solo star. The music video shows the lonely wanderings around a city at night as the lyrics to the […]Read More

WATCH: Royal Pirates Asks “Where U At” In Bittersweet MV

Royal Pirates has released their goodbye album and MV! On September 26th, the talented band dropped the MV for “Where U At,” the title track off the group’s “goodbye” album. The album, entitled “Hasta la Vista,” was a farewell to fans as the members have recently gone through some changes and will be facing some […]Read More

Royal Pirates’ Sooyoon Announces First Solo Track Through Teaser Image

Royal Pirates‘ fans have another treat in store for them! Drummer Sooyoon will soon be releasing his first solo track. The song was announced via the group’s Instagram account, where they shared a flowery teaser image with various numbers written across it. Two of the sets of numbers were obvious, announcing the release would come […]Read More

Royal Pirates’ Moon Kim Releases First Solo Track “Dark Chocolate”

Royal Pirates‘ Moon Kim has released his first solo track! The song, entitled “Dark Chocolate,” was released on February 14th at midnight KST, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for his fans. The song shows off his sweet and smooth voice, while the upbeat tempo keeps the song happy and light. The MV is […]Read More

Royal Pirates’s Moon Kim To Release Solo Song On Valentine’s Day

Finally some good news for Royal Pirates fans— Moon Kim is going to release his first-ever solo track! The lead vocalist and guitarist for the band announced through a teaser image that he would be releasing a solo song on Valentine’s Day. The track is entitled “Dark Chocolate” and is a gift for fans, following […]Read More

Royal Pirates’ James Announces Retirement Due To Severe Health Problems

Heartbreaking news for Royal Pirates fans— James Lee is retiring from the industry due to severe health problems. On January 31st KST, the young artist and talented musician posted a handwritten letter to fans on his Instagram account: “I’ve tried to power through and be as positive as possible, but I am at the point […]Read More