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Fans Photoshop Clothes Onto VIXX’s Ravi’s Teaser Images

In light of his upcoming solo album R.EAL1ZE, VIXX‘s Ravi has been releasing a constant slew of teasers for the album and photoshoot, including a behind-the-scenes MV for the track “Home Alone” featuring Jung Yong Hwa. The latest photoshoot teasers, released on January 4th, show the rapper posing sensually against green and orange backgrounds, in various stages of undress.

Fans, as a form of modesty and good fun, soon started manipulating the teasers, haphazardly adding badly-edited clothes onto Ravi to cover up some skin. The photos have since then circulated on various social media, including Twitter and Tumblr.

Ravi’s solo album is set to release on January 9th, 12 a.m. KST. It features several special collaboration tracks as well as songs from his mixtape, R.EBIRTH.

What do you think of the edits? We’re dying with laughter!

Check out some of the examples!

Original Teaser Image:

Fan Edits:

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