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Everything We Know So Far About BTS’ J-Hope’s Upcoming Mixtape

If you’re an A.R.M.Y, you know that other BTS fans worldwide are waiting with bated breath for J-Hope‘s mixtape. We’ve all heard them tease us about it, we’ve seen the aesthetic V-taken Twitter photos, and we know that it could hit us at any moment.

After Rap Monster and Suga, J-Hope will be the third member (and final rapper) of BTS to drop a mixtape. While details about the upcoming release have been few and far between, we’ve heard enough buzz to send excitement tingling through our veins!

To make it easier on you, we’ve decided to neatly compile all that we have heard so far. This way, when J-Hope decides to surprise us with a life-altering tweet, we’ll be ready for it!

1. J-Hope wants to further inspire himself.

When first asked about whether he wanted to release a mixtape in an interview printed in the Wings Concept Book, J-Hope admitted that he wasn’t quite sure what his mixtape would be about.

“Suga-hyung or Rap Monster’s mixtape always contains what they want to say,” he said. “But I think I need to start from considering what to talk about.” He went on to say that he doesn’t believe he’s the best at writing deeper lyrics. In order to remedy that, he stated that he was planning on reading more books, watching movies, and listening to the stories of the people around him to develop a better concept for his mixtape.

2. He was heavily influenced by the past few years.

2016 and 2017 have been some huge years for BTS. On top of winning two daesangs (grand prizes), BTS successfully completed and sold out their worldwide Wings Tour in their biggest venues yet. On top of that, 2017 marked the year BTS made history by being nominated for and winning the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist— the first K-pop group to do so.

On multiple occasions, J-Hope mentioned that in recent years he has grown a lot as a rapper, a singer, and a producer. In a recent vlog uploaded to their BangtanTV YouTube channel (recorded April 16th of this year), J-Hope talks about attending the Coldplay concert in Seoul and how it influenced him and his mixtape.

“I felt that (just like Coldplay),” J-Hope states around the 1:40 mark, “I must also put on a good performance. So as much as I’ve gained energy, I will be inspired from that and be sure to pass on this energy to the fans who love and support me.”

He concludes with the fact that BTS had just returned from Hawaii, which also had a strong effect on him: “I will carry that passionate energy and will work hard to produce my mixtape, which I’ve been working on.”

3. Rap Monster really likes what he’s heard so far.

As a leader and experienced producer, Rap Monster’s opinion on the work of his members is always significant. In an interview conducted by Rolling Stone India, Rap Monster revealed that J-Hope’s mixtape was most likely the next-thing-coming for BTS.  “I’ve listened to a couple of songs and I really liked it,” he revealed.

What’s more, J-Hope recently helped write several songs with lyrics doused in double meanings and ripe emotions, “Always” and “4 O’Clock” being a few of them. With this in mind, it appears that J-Hope’s belief that he is unable to write meaningful lyrics is a faulty one. We can most likely expect not only beautifully composed music, but thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics as well!

4. The mixtape will be very unique.

While this is undoubtedly a given, it is nonetheless worth mentioning. When it comes to his solos, J-Hope’s track record is nothing short of amazing, not to mention versatile. From his 2015 track “1 Verse” to his WINGS album solo “Mama,” J-Hope has proven to be quite the soloist!

While “1 Verse” speaks of J-Hope as an artist and “Mama” centers around his mother’s struggles and what they mean to him, both songs represent raw and unabashed honesty. Yet, the differences in style between the two songs play homage to J-Hope’s flexibility as a song-writer and act as proof of his eccentric character. And oddly enough, this eccentricity is what we look forward to the most in his mixtape!

In the end, J-Hope’s mixtape will prove to be an adventure of its own, no matter the content. With the obvious thought and effort that J-Hope has put into it so far, Rap Monster’s clear praise for the little he’s heard, and J-Hope’s natural, lovable charisma, it seems everything will come together to form what will definitely prove to be a musical treasure.

Are you excited about J-Hope’s mixtape? What are your own predictions and wishes for this upcoming release? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Saleha (StarlightSora) is a WTK writer who hails from Northern Virginia. She’s an avid fan of VIXX, EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, B.A.P (and counting). An otaku and a gamer, when she’s not writing fanfiction for one fandom or another, she can be found binge-watching anime or playing through The Last of Us for the twentieth time. She hopes to be a published writer one day—after seeing all her faves live, of course.

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  1. When the twitter/Facebook post said “upcoming events in July and August” it didn’t even state that the mix tape will be released in July. It’s officially August 1st for me right now and Korea is a whole 9 hours ahead of me. Still no mix tape. I’m not mad at BTS. I hate it when their fans spread information that ends up being false.

  2. I declare that YouTube username: Her Jams, is mostly responsible for the spread of this misinformation, as evidence for my previous statement.

  3. I was so ready to hear the mix tape by the end of the month (up to the last few minutes of July 31st!); I was excited! But now, not so much (stupid misinformation got me worked up for nothing!), unless the mix tape gets released this week or a teaser trailer gets put out :))).

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