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Editor’s Choice: The Top 5 BTS Videos From The Past 4 Years

It’s lee1086 here— WTK‘s co-founder and current director and editor-in-chief. As an opinionated adult and a diehard Kpop fan, I obviously have a lot of very strong beliefs and opinions when it comes to my favorite songs, artists, groups, videos, and more. As such, I’ve decided to start a new corner where I’ll be listing my top five from different categories!

To get things started, I thought I would celebrate BTS‘s anniversary by choosing their top five videos from the past four years. The following list may not represent the opinions of our staff overall, but they will certainly express mine!

I’ve been a huge BTS fan ever since my sister came running into my house with her laptop and told me to stop and listen to these boys on TV. It was BTS’s debut stage and we sat transfixed. When their performance was over, we immediately searched for every single piece of information we could find about them, and then we waited until my other sister got off work and bombarded her with the information and soon had her obsessed as well. Ah, Kpop… bringing families together in the best way possible!

Let’s get started, shall we?

1- “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”

What is not to love about this MV? The song was lit, the costumes were cool, the style was amazing, the choreography was great, and black-haired Jungkook with eyeliner was like the heavens had opened up and dropped us this amazing gift. Then when Jimin started that dance… well, this MV is definitely worthy of a spot on the list!

2- “War of Hormone”

For this MV, BTS showed us their adorable personalities and cute side while still delivering a great song, fierce choreography, and strong performance. I personally loved the aesthetic of this video with its overall muted tones and certain pops of red color. It suited the song and video and gave us a different look from anything they had done before or have done since.

3- “Dope”

This song is still amazing and one of my top-played songs on my iPod. Not only is the song a lot of fun, but the MV was also fantastic as well. The darker scene was perfectly set off by their colorful, intricate costumes, and bright hairstyles. Everything combined so well visually, and then when you added the choreography and song, it made for a video that you could watch over and over again.

4- “Fire”

BTS was popular before “Fire,” but BTS was a worldwide obsession after it. This is for a good reason though, because the song and music video were highly addictive and super easy to just put on repeat. With the cool beginning tones of the video, it set the stage and enveloped viewers in the laid-back vibe, making fans truly feel the heat in comparison once they cranked up the party and got things truly lit!

5- “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Although this song did well, I often think it got overlooked due to the video itself. What can we say about this MV really? It was a masterpiece, short and simple. Everything from the colors to the set, the filming to the choreography, was just absolutely perfect. I can’t say enough about it. It’s not a video you want to watch on repeat like “Fire” or “Dope,” but it’s a video you can appreciate and watch slowly as a piece of art that has a message to relay.

BONUS: “Not Today”

While this isn’t my favorite song or music video from BTS, I still have to admit that this is a masterpiece of cinematography. The vastness of the set and the absolute barrenness of it all was part of its beauty. The scene with the massive dance on top of the ice-like platform was really striking and sticks out in my mind a lot.

We all know that BTS’s music videos show off their strengths! While their songs are amazing, the choreography is what sets them apart from everyone else. Their visuals are top-notch of course, but their stage presence and fierceness is what shines through with each video to deliver charismatic performances and fun videos. As such, it’s hard to narrow it down to just five of their greatest videos! I also really love “Danger,” plus “Boy In Luv” was and still is fantastic. In recent times, “Run” and “I Need U” weren’t just amazing songs but amazing videos as well. Even older songs like “N.O” and “No More Dream” have their place as well and will forever remain personal favorites of mine.

Happy 4th anniversary to BTS! We hope they have many more to follow!

Which videos do you like by BTS? Which five are your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below.

lee1086 is the co-founder and director of What The Kpop. When not writing or editing articles, she is watching Kpop music videos or Kdramas. She is a huge fan of Super Junior and the perfection known as Eunsihae. When not obsessing over the flawlessness of Donghae or trying to decide if her SHINee bias is Taemin or Key, she is playing the piano, loving on her dog, and hanging out with her family and friends.

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