Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

SISTAR’s Bora Signs With Hook Entertainment

SISTAR‘s Bora has signed with Hook Entertainment!

After SISTAR’s contracts expired with Starship Entertainment, the girl group disbanded after seven years together. Less than two weeks later, the first of the members has now signed with a new agency.

Bora, who will be promoting as Yoon Bora from now on, has joined Hook Entertainment— the home to celebrities like Lee Seung Gi (“Gu Family Book”) and Lee Seo Jin (“Grandpa Over Flowers”).

The label released a statement to say that Bora would be pursuing a career in various fields of the entertainment world, and they would be supporting her in whatever she chooses to do:

Former SISTAR member Bora, who spent her last 7 years making Korea’s summers fun and exhilarating with her stages, will be challenging the entertainment industry on a second stage with her name ‘Yoon Bora’. Her partner in this new challenge will be Hook Entertainment. We plan on wholly supporting Yoon Bora as an actress, a variety personality, and even as a performer who may stand on stage again. We will not withhold any aid so that Yoon Bora, who has proved herself as an entertainer with a bright and healthy energy who can make people happy, can showcase her charms tenfold.” 

Although Bora is known primarily as an idol singer and dancer, she has also been involved in acting over the past few years and is a well-loved name in the variety world as well. So, it looks like she will continue to pursue all these aspects of her career in the future.

Congratulations to Yoon Bora! We hope to see you in a new project soon!

Media: Starship Entertainment

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