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DUSTIN’s Bel And Daon Suspend Activities Due To Health Issues

On November 9th KST, company LPA Entertainment released a statement that two members of rookie boy group DUSTIN would be suspending activities to focus on their health.  

Bel, their vocalist and main rapper, and Daon ,youngest member and rapper, have both been dealing with individual health issues well before the group’s debut. Bel is currently suffering from an undisclosed illness while Daon is having problems with knee pain.

Both members have been managing their conditions well but after recently experiencing worsening symptoms, they were advised by hospital physicians to immediately halt all promotional activities.

The news comes as a shock to fans who have passionately supported DUSTIN since their debut in January of this year. An overwhelmingly positive wave of well-wishes and love were quickly sent to the boys following the decision to put their health first and foremost.

Bel and Daon were also members of the group’s first sub-unit DUSTIN-ON that released a two-part EP 0 (Young) in August and September, respectively. Along with fellow member JJ, the sub-unit trio demonstrated their lyrical and composition skills, self-producing the entire album themselves.

Bel and Daon wrote handwritten letters to deliver the news, expressing their gratitude for the support of fans as well along with an apology for the unforeseen situation. Both members assured fans they will do their best to get better and come back with cooler and greater versions of themselves!

Hello, this is LPA Entertainment.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the fans who always love DUSTIN.
To all the fans who cheer for us, we always try to give you good news to return the favor but.. I’m sorry to have to tell you this unfortunate bad news this time. DUSTIN members Bel (Choi Sunghoon) and Daon (Ahn Seonil) due to health problems will not be able to do activities. (Please understand that the name of the illness cannot be disclosed due to personal privacy.)
On November 8th, all activities have been suspended. As we’ve endured the hard times of Corona, not only for fans, but our company and DUSTIN members are deeply saddened. But most of all, health comes first. It was decided to stop activities with the thought that getting back to health as soon as possible would be a way to repay the fans even a little bit. It’s been decided, so please understand.
From now on, DUSTIN will stay as 5 members. Together with Bel and Daon in mind, we will focus on more active activities and preparation for our second album.   Also, we would appreciate it if you could refrain from false rumors related to the team or the members. 
Finally please cheer for Bel (Choi Sunghoon) and Daon (Ahn Seonil) to recover as soon as possible. Also, please give generous support to the five DUSTIN members who will concentrate on their activities with a new mindset.
Thank you

LPA Entertainment

Hello, I’m DUSTIN’s Bel (Choi Sunghoon).
I’d like to thank our fans for always supporting and loving DUSTIN and me.
I’m unexpectedly giving you some bad news this time. I’m sorry.
I’ve been suffering from an illness before DUSTIN started.
Even after activities started, I managed it without difficulty, so my activities were not affected, but the condition has worsened recently, and a thorough investigation in hospital has found that it it too much to continue working in DUSTIN.
My parents and the company have agreed to suspend DUSTIN activities indefinitely as a result of the fact that health comes before dreams.
I’m also sorry and heartbroken about not being able to work in DUSTIN, but I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a great image.
Thank you so much to the fans who loved me all these years. Please continue to support DUSTIN.
I will also support you as a third member of DUSTIN. Thank you.

DUSTIN Member Bel (Choi Seunghoon)

Hello, I’m DUSTIN’s Daon (Ahn Seonil)
I try to give good news to fans who love DUSTIN and me.
I’m so sorry that I have to give you bad news today.
As you know, these days, I’ve been sitting on a chair in my activities.
The pain in my knee is normally not serious, and I’ve been treating and managing it regularly. 
However, the pain worsened during schedules and practice, and after a hospital treatment, a serious diagnosis was made that I could not continue my activities, so unfortunately, after discussing it with the company, I have suspended my activities.
I’m so sorry to the fans.
In the future, I will focus more on my health, focus on treatment, and one day I will greet you again with a better-looking Daon. 
Even if my activities are suspended, I ask for your generous support and love for my DUSTIN older brothers, who are working on behalf of me. Thank you.

DUSTIN Member Daon (Ahn Seonil)

It is sad to see Bel and Daon go, especially under such circumstances, but we are glad they have chosen to prioritize their health and have been supported in that decision by their company, as well as family and fellow members.

We send them both all the very best towards a complete speedy recovery, and wish them well in their future endeavors!

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