WATCH: DUSTIN Sub-Unit DUSTIN-ON Debut In Inspiring “0 (Young)” Featuring MinA Of Holics

 WATCH: DUSTIN Sub-Unit DUSTIN-ON Debut In Inspiring “0 (Young)” Featuring MinA Of Holics

LPA Entertainment boy group DUSTIN, debuting only a couple of months back in January, has returned with their first unit group DUSTIN-ON and the electric track “0 (Young)” on August 17th KST.

Consisting of members Bel, JJ and Daon, the unit’s debut features main rapper MinA of labelmate girl group Holics.

The song was written and composed by Bel and JJC, combining punchy drum sounds and addictive vocal slice samples to rhythmic elements.

Its arrangement is done by all three members. Lead rapper and main dancer JJ even played the guitars heard on the track, providing a clearer look into the different sides and colors of the rising rookie group.

The lyrics use the number “0” and “young” as a double meaning to express “beginnings” and “we are still young.” The song gives an all-embracing message of “we can do anything” to reflect the passion and determination of DUSTIN-ON.

The music video sees the three members performing in front of a picturesque landscape, showcasing the group’s impressive dance skills and charismatic stage presence. Their performance perfectly complement the intensity and elegance of the song.

The trio are soon joined by MinA who fits right in and enhances the stylish choreography. 

Check out “0 (Young),” complete with English subtitles, below! 

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Media: LPA Entertainment

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