Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: UNVS Can’t “Give You Up” In Emotional Comeback MV

Just months after their highly-anticipated debut “Timeless” and its follow-up music video “Solar Eclipse (Feat. room102),” rising rookie group UNVS is back with their second single, SOUNDTRACKS FOR THE LOST & BROKEN : Give You Up.

Released on May 15th KST, the title “Give You Up” blends pop and EDM with powerful, future bass sounds in a hip-hop rhythm, heightened by lyrical guitar, percussion sounds, and a grand, orchestra arrangement. Melodic synths and intense bass lines are added to highlight the members’ sweet voices and powerful harmonies. 

The music video displays an array of beautiful scenes which host impressive weather and element effects, adding to the dramatic flair of UNVS’ mature and masculine style and visuals.

Also featured on the single is the B-side track “Waterfall,” a solo song performed by main vocalist Eunho. The song tells the story of different perspectives and emotions you feel while remember your love. As such, it is yet another example of the delicate sensibility within the emotional performance of the idol group. 

The album was produced by the CHITWNMUSIC producing team room102, who previously worked with UNVS on their debut single. 

Check out the mesmerising MV for “Give You Up” below!

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