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WATCH: TWS Exhilarates In Spirited “hey! hey!” Pre-Release MV

Ahead of their second mini-album SUMMER BEAT!, TWS unveiled a pre-release track on June 5th at 6 p.m. KST!

“hey! hey!” tells the story of a boy who was always alone until he meets a group of friends with the same dream, and they rely on each other to form a team. It’s a metaphor for TWS’s determination and cohesion from their beginnings until now and into the future.

The fast-paced tempo is driven by a rock-based guitar riff and heart-pounding drums, creating the feeling of the boys running towards their goals without stopping.

TWS members’ refreshing vocal tones flow over the powerful melody and dynamic beat, creating a cool vibe like waves on a summer day. The energetic chants of “we don’t stop” and “hey! hey!” add to the song’s liveliness and versatility.

It was written by a collective of talented artists including PRISMFILTER‘s Glenn and WASURENAI (a pseudonym of resident Pledis producer BUMZU), Choi Bora (153/Joombas), Song Ji Yu (Jamfactory) and Jang Min Woo (lalala studio).

The former two names also participated in composing with Japan’s top hit-making producer T-SK, Indie singer Heon Seo, PRISMFILTER’s Anchor, and Jin Jeon, as well as prominent Japanese artist SAEKI YouthK. Meanwhile, the track was produced and arranged by T-SK and PRISMFILTER’s Ohway!.

In particular, the point choreography of “hey! hey!” is organically connected to the music and narrative. The energetic performance of the “running dance” is exciting and fun, as it expresses the action of running passionately toward a dream. TWS’ second mini-album SUMMER BEAT! will be released on June 24th.

Check out the music video for “hey! hey!” below!

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