Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: “The Unit” Girl Group UNI.T Debuts With Hot Track “No More”

UNI.T, previously known as UNIT G, has made their hot debut with the new MV, “No More”!

UNI.T (pronounced “unit”) was created from the KBS idol-rebooting show “The Unit,” a show which brought together trainees and already-debuted idols for a second chance at success. UNI.T is made up of the show’s finalists and includes members from girl groups such as Hello Venus, Laboum, The Ark, Spica, and more! The show allowed the nine girls a second chance at their dreams, and that is exactly what they got!

“No More” was released as the title track off their first mini-album, entitled Line, on May 18th KST. The new group had the opportunity of holding their debut stage at the Dream Concert six days before their official debut! Their debut track showcases their strong vocals and dance skills through the catchy reggae-stylized song!

Have you gotten a chance to see UNI.T in action? If not, check out their MV below!

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Media: VLive

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