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5 Hidden K-pop Gems You Might Have Missed In 2018

It has been another great year for K-pop, and we are never short of amazing releases. Some tracks were overshadowed by title tracks, while some were just hidden behind the flood of releases. Nevertheless, all songs have their own charm, but here are some that are definitely good enough to be title tracks as well. […]Read More

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WATCH: UNI.T Releases Fun and Funky Final MV For “I Mean”

UNI.T has officially dropped a music video for their newest song “I Mean (난말야).” On September 18th, UNI.T unveiled their final comeback music video as a group. “I Mean” is an upbeat, retro-disco track that was produced by Brave Brothers, Red Cookie, and Chakun. The song’s lyrics depict an honest, stomach-fluttering feeling of love that […]Read More

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WATCH: UNB Is Back With Fierce “Black Heart” MV

UNB is back! On June 28th, the group— formed of the top trainees on the idol rebooting show “The Unit”–released their new music video for “Black Heart.”The unique track is said to be inspired by “The Great Gastby.” As such, the EDM track goes retro as it gets filled with classic jazz sounds such as rolling […]Read More

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WATCH: IMFACT Sees “The Light” In Comeback MV

IMFACT is finally back! On April 16th, the group dropped the music video for “The Light.” The MV is filled with interesting visuals that give a great backdrop for the medium-tempo song that is heavy with bass and percussion, setting off the group’s great rap and vocals. The track is the lead song off the […]Read More

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Topp Dogg Announces Name Changes For Group And Members

Topp Dogg has big news for their fans! On February 21st, the group made a special announcement on their fan cafe to inform fans they were changing their name. Instead of Topp Dogg, they will now be known as XENO-T (pronounced as “zenouti”). The new name comes from the words “xenogeneic” and “top-class” (a special salute […]Read More