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WATCH: SEVENTEEN Surprises Fans With Heart-Warming MV “Healing”

On October 17th, the popular boy group SEVENTEEN gave a surprise present to their fandom,
Carats— an MV for their love-filled fan song “Healing!”

“Healing” was previously released on the group’s “Love & Letter” repackage album and is a song filled with sweet lyrics like these:

“Now let’s think of good thoughts
So there are no more worries

You can rest for a moment
Don’t think about anything.”

The lyrics represent the group’s sentiments of the song being a gift for Carats. “You worked hard. Thank you” they wrote in a tweet before the song’s release.

In the music video, SEVENTEEN members use adorable, self-shot videos to show their love, shedding light on the personal bond between them and their fans. Carats can see their favorite members prepping for concerts and singing their hearts out, in addition to seeing them hanging out at the poolside, eating together, touring beautiful locations, and messing around at the beach.

Soon after the MV was posted, SEVENTEEN tweeted:

“[17’S] #We_Miss_You_So_Much_Our_Carats #My_Healing_Is_You #Thanks #Dont_Get_Sick #We_Love_You

[Pic Trans] Our Carats♡”

Check out the video below!

Bonus: We can’t stop watching the cute moment in the video when the leader S.Coups echoed the opening seconds of “Mansae!”


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Media: Pledis Entertainment
Translation Credit: @SeventeenFY (Tweets)
Gif Credit: StarlightSora @WTK

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