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WATCH: PRIMROSE Takes On The Weight Of The World In “Freyja” MV

Revamped girl group PRIMROSE is back with new members and a fresh concept in their single album REVIVAL and the title track “Freyja” on June 17th at 6 p.m. KST!

“Freyja” is based on Norse mythology and attempts to reinterpret the image of the representative goddess in a K-pop style. The song combines the grand sound of an orchestra with the dazzling beats of the hyper-trap genre and an addictive slow EDM dance break.

The unconventional musical experiment is the work of recognized producers in Korea and abroad who participated in creating the record. This includes the writing team RGB, which made their girl group writing debut with “Freyja.” In addition, BIBLEIN penned lyrics and worked with BILDUP on the track’s composition.

REVIVAL marks the first release from PRIMROSE since becoming a four-member group which now consists of Nahyun (formerly of HOT ISSUE), Rainie (formerly of BugABoo) and newcomer Hayun, who all join existing member Ruby to complete the quartet.

In the new song, the four PRIMROSE members symbolize the four guardians chosen by the goddess “Freyja.” Together they sing of their determination to restore the broken world in the face of hardship and adversity and offer the same message to the real world as they declare to be your strength.

Check out the colossal “Freyja” music video below!

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