Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: ONEUS Breaks The “Black Mirror” In Sophisticated MV

RBW Entertainment boy group ONEUS returned with “Black Mirror” on May 11th at 6 p.m KST!

The title song, from their fifth mini-album Binary Code, is a nu-disco genre track with funky guitar and bass riffs matched to an addictive beat. “Black Mirror” expresses the reality of people trapped inside the dark screen of a TV or smartphone which has become a necessity of modern life.

RBW producers Kim Dohoon, Lee Sangho, Seo Yongbae, and Inner child (Monotree) all participated in writing and composing the track. Rapper Basick and ONEUS member Ravn also contributed to the song’s lyrics.

The choreography and MV concept is reminiscent of Michael Jackson‘s works, with the members dressed in black suits and fedoras. The group’s reputation as high-level performers is evident through the execution of sharp dance moves and hard-hitting choreography.

The music video was directed by Hong Wonki of ZanyBros, someone who has been collaborating with ONEUS since their debut. The filming location of Tone N Mood studios uses symbolism through art to tell the story of “Black Mirror.” 

ONEUS’ new mini-album Binary Code contains a total of five songs, including a special rock version of their debut song, “Valkyrie”! 

Check out the showstopping “Black Mirror” MV below!

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