Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

WATCH: MASC Leader Woosoo Makes Solo Debut In “The Rain”

Woosoo, the leader and main vocalist of boy group MASC, has made his debut as a soloist with the self-composed and self-written track “The Rain.”

The medium-tempo ballad has a calm and pleasing piano melody and differentiates itself from usual offerings of the genre. The singer’s unique sensibility shines through his charming and emotional vocals, effortlessly conveying the longing and heartbreak felt at the departure of a lover.

Co-writing and co-composing the song with Woosoo are collaborators DJ Head and Jerry, who have all worked together in the past, both on MASC’s “Meaningless” and WYNN Entertainment boy group SPECTRUM’s 2018 B-side track “Sad Story.” Woosoo has also composed and contributed lyrics to various MASC songs since their debut in 2016.

Watch the breathtakingly beautiful music video below!

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