Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Loossemble Finds Strength In “Girls’ Night” Music Video

Loossemble is back with their second mini-album One Of A Kind with the music video for its title track “Girls’ Night” on April 15th at 6 p.m. KST!

The song is an up-tempo pop dance number that switches between minor and major keys. It features a powerful beat and an addictive hook while showcasing flexibility through a variety of rhythmic compositions.

“Girls’ Night” was written by Loossemble member HyeJu, whose lyrics celebrate the power of female friendship and detail a night where women’s voices and strengths come together to find freedom from unfair social norms. Containing the courage and hope to break through the darkness, the song hints at how special moments of brilliance have the potential to make big changes.

As part of the album commentary available on Korean music sites, Hyeju explained the meaning of “Girls’ Night,”Loossemble, and the night we gathered, is not just a party; it’s a night where we hope to create a butterfly effect by pooling our voices and strength. I wrote the lyrics with the hope that we will be freer from unjust societal labels. Let’s walk together to the day when small changes will add up to big changes. This story is not just about Loossemble, it’s about us.”

One Of A Kind has a total of eight tracks with members YeoJin, Vivi, HyunJin and Go Won also participating in writing lyrics for various songs on the group’s second mini album.

Check out the empowered MV for “Girls’ Night” below!

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