Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: KINGDOM Reigns Victoriously In “Long Live The King” MV

GF Entertainment boy group KINGDOM continues to impress with one of the most creative and large-scale concepts in K-pop! Each member represents a prominent historical king who rules over a specific kingdom and their stories are told through each release of their album series, History Of Kingdom.

On October 5th at 6 p.m. KST, the latest chapter, PartⅤ. Louis, tells member Louis’ story of eternal life. “Long Live The King” serves as the title track and it contains emotional lines that depict joy, sadness, and pain throughout the ages as Louis rules the “Kingdom Of Beauty.” The cinematic dance-pop song gives a sense of grandeur with its delicate orchestra and intense synth sound. 

The song was written by lyricist Kim Hyejung, Korean hip-hop artist Jay Dope, head of BlackPigMusic singer On Air, and producer Charlie. The latter three also composed the song with Meego, Krap, CLEF Company‘s Carlyle Fernandes, and Whyusii.

The regal MV depicts the members enjoying a masquerade and dinner party at a beautiful palace. It was directed by ZanyBrosLee Sagang who has previously directed the group’s music videos for “Excalibur,” “Black Crown,” and “Ascension.” As expected from KINGDOM, every detail from the French baroque-inspired outfits to the theatrical choreography is grand and imperial in its presentation.

History Of Kingdom : PartⅤ. Louis contains seven tracks with members Dann and Mujin taking part in writing four songs. It is the first release with new member Hwon who joined the group earlier this year following the departure of Chiwoo.

Check out the epic “Long Live The King” MV below!

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MEDIA: GF Entertainment